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The Plateau Valley Rocks!
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  1. PV Rocks FIND - Where is this? game~ play now
  2. PV Rocks & Flowers ~ play now
  3. PV Rocks Word Search ~ play now
  4. PV Rocks Sudoko ~ play now

PV Rocks FIND is an observation game. A picture of a rock or other feature somewhere in The Plateau Valley will be displayed.  FIND=Find, Identify, Name, Describe 
You may email, fax, or snail-mail your entry.  For each game, you will either identify the location or tell us where the rock is, what you call it or its name, and what it looks like to you.  Entry form

PV Rocks & Flowers is a searching game.  You will be shown a picture of a flower, which will be located in one of the Plateau Valley business or service ads on this website (theplateauvalley.com) and in The Plateau Valley Post.  You may email, fax, or snail-mail your entry.  For each game, you will identify the business and tell us where you found it.  Entry form

PV Rocks Word Search is a word search game with a word or phrase hidden in the puzzle.  You may email, fax, or snail-mail your entry.  To enter, tell us how many words you found, how long it took you, and the hidden word or phrase.  Entry form

PV Rocks Sudoko - a favorite puzzle for number-lovers.  Tell us how long it took you to solve the puzzle and send the solution to enter monthly drawings for prizes.  Entry form

Entries will be submitted for a random drawing, and winners will be posted at ThePlateauValley.com.
Prizes and number of prizes will vary and will be posted on the entry and results pages.          

Entries close at midnight (MDT/MT) on the 24th of each month; entries received after the deadline, and non-winning entries are entered in the next month's contest.

Winners will be drawn from entries received for the prizes offered by the sponsors; McDel reserves the right to combine entries with future drawings if an insufficient number of entries and/or inappropriate entries are received; and The Plateau Valley.com reserves the right to reject any and/or all entries in our sole discretion. If the minimum of ten entries per category per month isn't met, entries from all games, contests, POV, Rules, Spirit, Voices will be combined into one drawing, and the prize given may be featured on one of the other sponsored pages:  PV Voices | PV Rocks | PV Rolls | PV Rules.

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