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WEB ADS - Advertise your Business and Special Events
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PV Marketplace/Showcase
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Online Ad
Your ad on the The Plateau - on any one page, we pick page(s) - includes link to your website and/or event listing/flyer, or to the PV Marketplace/Showcase.
$15* - logo/thumb ad (free for non-profits)
$20* - small ad
$25* - medium ad (business card size)
$35* - large ad
$50* - banner/footer or sidebar ad
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If # of months is not selected, your ad will continue monthly until you cancel.

(See Ad Sizes & Details below)

*add $10/mo. to Sponsor Page
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Page preference is not guaranteed; ads placed are on first-come, first-serve basis.

Page Sponsors are listed above any other ads, and Sponsor ad is included ON THE HOME PAGE, and in animated Sponsors graphic on several pages.

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Enhance Your Directory Listing
Add a picture or your logo in the PV Business/Service Directory includes link to your website!  Or showcase page if you choose.
(Business Directory
ANNUAL ad price)

$30 - add logo or thumbnail ad/photo
$40 - add small ad/photo
$50 - add medium ad/photo
$75 - add video + $5-$25 set-up/change fee
$30 - add button or badge to 3rd party site (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. button) + $5-$25 set-up
Choose # of years: 
If # of years is not selected, your ad will continue until you cancel.

Prize Sponsors - Donate Your Products/Services (price is per month)

$0 - Prize Sponsor - I want to offer my product(s) and/or service(s) ($15-$25 value)
Prize Sponsors are featured on "Tell Us" pages - prize/gift certificate is mailed to PV Spirit, PV Heroes, and drawing winners.
$10/mo - Prize Sponsor Pic
Add logo or pic (thumb or small ad size) of product/service on "Tell Us" pages where my prize is featured

Sell Your Products/Services Online
Link from your ad(s) and directory listing on the The Plateau go to your website or the

Businesses:  : Logo & product pics with links (up to 5) to your online store > + $5/set-up per item (add/change fee

If you already have your logo, business card, and/or ad designed, please upload file(s) here:

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Items bold and marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

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Advertising Details

Best Deal for Plateau Valley Business OwnersWeb Ads > You can enhance your listing in The Business Directory by adding your logo, an ad, picture, or artwork (semi-annual or annual billing). 
And/or you can place an ad that displays with your event listing, or on any one page (specific page placement not guaranteed).
To be included on home page and in the sponsor animated ad on several pages and on a specific featured page, place an ad and be a sponsor. Alternatively or also, you can donate a monthly prize and be featured as a prize sponsor on the "Tell Us" pages.
And/or showcase your online store or individual products for sale online.

Ad Sizes/Specs + Design Services Available

Online Ad Specs & Sizes in Pixels - View approximate sizes

Logo:  any ratio/size up to 96x96
Thumb ad:  168x96 or 96x168 or 108x108
Small ad: 195x130 or 144x192
Medium ad:  252x144 or 252x168 or 144x252 or 168x252
Large ad:  195x260 or 225x338
Page banner/footer ad:  713x144
Page sidebar ad:  195x525
Video: call for sizes/options

Monthly rates with $0 set-up/change fee apply to ads/logos/photos submitted digitally (via email, upload or on disk sized at ratio for specified for ad chosen); one set-up/change included each month;  set-up/change fee is $5 otherwise. 

Design Services* ~ Add Some Pizzazz!

Logo or Small ad:  $35**
Medium ad:  $39**
Large or Corner ad: $45**
Sidebar or Banner ad:  $49**
Flyer:  $79

Design fees include consultation, 1 preview + edits, 1 final proof, and posting (no set-up/change fee). Additional charges may apply if extensive editing, extreme effects or more proofs are required.

*Design Services are optional and are in addition to the Web Ad Rates listed above.
**Animate Your Online Ads: add $25-$150 depending on size, number of displays, & detail.

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