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May-June 2012 - Teddy Walker

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July 2012>Glenda (Spangler) Foss, Marsha (Spangler) Encke, Ruth (Orton) Shepardson, Kay Orton

What are you doing July 17-21?  Even if you and I don't know all of our plans, anyone who knows these four ladies knows where they will be... at The Mesa County Fair. 

Ruth Shepardson & Kay Orton, 4-H leaders and shining examples in The Plateau Valley

Ruth Shepardson, FFA leader & PVHS Ag teacher, 4-H leader
Kay Orton, PV Extremes Club Leader and project leader
Glenda Foss & Marsha Encke

Glenda Foss & Marsha Encke, PV Livestock Club Leaders and project leaders

Marsha Encke, Glenda Foss, Kay Orton, and Ruth Shepardson are TPV.com's Community Heroes this month. 

As 4-H leaders and club advisors, these ladies tirelessly and cheerfully give and give and give.  Their time, their talents, their wide range of knowledge, their money, their wisdom... 

This year, approximately 65 of the Plateau Valley's youth aged 9-19 will be exhibiting their 4-H and/or FFA projects at the Mesa County Fair, and all have one primary thing in common...  they have chosen the projects that interest them.  And that's where our community heroes come into play.  Through the 4-H program, they teach and coordinate learning opportunities for the kids. In the Plateau Valley, they coordinate with 4-H leaders who volunteer their time and expertise to share their experience and teach not only the skills, but also practical applications.

Now, 65 pre-teen and teen-agers may not seem like that many to you...  But how does 50 out of 75-78 high school students sound?  That's how many HIGH SCHOOL students at Plateau Valley CHOSE to be in the FFA program.  Not all will be exhibiting animals or projects at the Mesa County Fair, but many will.

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