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May-June 2012 - Teddy Walker
July-August 2012 - Glenda Foss, Marsha Encke, Kay Orton, Ruth Shepardson
December 2012 - Nancy Karlson
April/May 2013 - Jerry & Debbie Hamm

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June 2012:  Fred Wallace, Cat Track Outfitters - website
July-August 2012:  Bob & Vicki Wood, Ole Dad's Liquors
Dec 2012:  Don & Kristi Mease, Collbran Auto Parts
April/May 2013 - Forrest Towns, Valley Ranch Supply


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June/July 2013> Tom Rau, Gene Stricklan, Wayne Campbell

Tom Rau, Gene Stricklan, Wayne Campbell are this month's Community Heroes.  If you recycle in the Plateau Valley, you've participated in their lives!  These gentlemen have graciously volunteered their time for a long time.

I don't know how long the recycling bins have been available at the Collbran Rodeo Grounds, but in the minutes from the 8/4/2009 Town of Collbran board meeting, "Trustee Satterfield spoke of the Job Corps "Going Green" campaign which coincides with the Plateau Valley Recycle effort and encouraged the Town to assist with keeping recycling available for the community."  We think the Plateau Valley Association may have been instrumental in the foundation of the program as well.

What we do know is that the Town of Collbran owns the bins and the trailer and pays the license fee for the trailer.  The bins are available and open to the public 24/7, and when they start getting full, "miraculously" they're emptied by Plateau Valley Association members...  Specifically, Tom, Gene, and Wayne!   

They volunteer their time as well as cover the cost of driving and pulling the trailer to Grand Junction whenever it's needed.  THANKS!

PV Spirit Winner - Community Hero ~ Outstanding Small Business for June/July - John & Kim West, Central Service

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